How Is Your Money Invested?

Savings account? Money market fund? Certificate of deposit? 401K plan? IRA account? Mutual fund? Brokerage account? Real Estate?

Does your portfolio consist mainly of Stocks, ETFs, and Bonds? Have you ever considered Managed Futures?  They can be a great way to diversify your portfolio as they are not usually correlated with the stock market.  Also, they can make money in bullish or bearish market conditions.  However, Managed Futures can have high fees (2%/20% structure), high minimum investments, and can tie up your money with lock-up periods.  Maybe you should consider Mirror Trading.

What Is Mirror Trading?

A method of trading in which an investor executes the same exact trades of another traders’ trading system.  This can be done manually or automatically, but always in the investor’s own brokerage account.  A subscription to a Mirror Trading platform firm is required along with your own brokerage account.

How Does Mirror Trading Work?

Mirror trading platforms allow strategy managers to trade their own systems to build up a track record.  This trading can be done in a simulated account or with real capital.  An investor can choose any of these strategy managers to follow.  You just need to choose an investor monthly package plan with a Mirror Trading company to gain access to the various trading strategies to follow.  Then, you would need to open a brokerage account at one of their supported brokers.  Finally, you would link your brokerage account to the appropriate trading system.  All trades executed by that system can be automatically executed in your own account.  You can also mirror more than one trading system to gain further diversification.

However, before copying any trader’s system, you’ll need to fully understand their system’s risk and past performance.  You will want to choose one that supports your own risk tolerance.  As with any investment, there are risks. Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Why Mirror Trading?

  • Funds stay in your own brokerage account
  • Full transparency of all trades and orders
  • Pay a fixed monthly subscription fee to a Mirror Trading Company to gain access to all strategy managers (amount will vary based on how many strategies you follow)
  • Pay a fixed monthly subscription fee to the Mirror Trading Company which gets partially passed along to the strategy manager you follow (amount will vary per strategy)
  • Can cancel monthly fees at any time
  • Can switch to another strategy manager at any time
  • Typically lower minimum investments than managed futures or hedge funds
  • No lock up periods

Next Steps
Please check out this website to learn more about myself, and my trading systems.

Follow one or a combination of my 3 trading systems below at Collective2:

Taurus Conservative Fund *
Taurus Moderate Fund *
Taurus Aggressive Fund *

If you are interested in mirroring any of them, then move on to these final steps…

  • Subscribe to Collective2 as an Investor for a fixed monthly fee
  • Open a brokerage account at one of their supported brokerage firms
  • Choose one or any combination of my 3 trading systems to mirror
  • Pay a fixed monthly subscription fee per fund to gain access to the trading systems’ signals
  • Link the trading system to your brokerage account to automate the orders
  • Click here to see some return on investment (ROI) examples
  • Cancel or change at any time

I’m currently capping my subscribers at 20 per fund, so sign up now!

*Fund is trading in a simulated environment while I raise proprietary capital*