ETF Watch List

Here’s a LIST of the 27 ETF’s I follow on a weekly basis. The ETF is listed at the top in bold followed below by the top 15 weighted holdings in each one. If green, then it’s bullish. This means the 8 EMA, 13 EMA, 21 EMA, and 34 EMA are positively stacked (i.e. 8 over 13 over 21 over 34). If red, then it’s bearish. This means the 8 EMA, 13 EMA, 21 EMA, and 34 EMA are negatively stacked (i.e. 8 under 13 under 21 under 34). If no color, then it’s neutral. The EMAs are not stacked either positively or negatively. If you are a long only trader, then it’s best to look for pullback buys when green. Avoid the neutral and bearish stocks. If you are a two way trader, then you can also look for pullback sells when red. The trend is you friend!

This upcoming week’s observations are:

  • 16 ETF’s are bullish (+6 weekly chg), 4 are bearish (-1 weekly chg), and 7 are neutral (-5 weekly chg)
  • The most bullish sectors are QQQ (11), SPY (11), XLU (10), XLK (9), XLV (9), XHB (9)
  • The most bearish sectors are OIH (11), XLE (9), IYT (6), and JETS (6)

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