ETF Watch List

Here’s a list of the 27 ETF’s I follow on a weekly basis. The ETF is listed at the top in bold followed below by the top 15 weighted holdings in each one. If green, then it’s bullish. This means the 8 EMA, 13 EMA, 21 EMA, and 34 EMA are positively stacked (i.e. 8 over 13 over 21 over 34). If red, then it’s bearish. This means the 8 EMA, 13 EMA, 21 EMA, and 34 EMA are negatively stacked (i.e. 8 under 13 under 21 under 34). If it’s yellow, then it’s neutral. The EMAs are not stacked either positively or negatively. Finally, the ones that are it italics are trading inside the 34 EMA wave. If you are a long only trader, then it’s best to look for pullback buys when green (look for ones in italics). Avoid the neutral and bearish stocks. If you are a two way trader, then you can also look for pullback sells when red (look for ones in italics). The trend is you friend!

This upcoming week’s observations are listed below (weekly change in brackets):

  • 9 ETF’s are bullish [-6], 3 are bearish [+3], and 15 are neutral [+3]
  • The most bullish sectors are QQQ (12), XRT (10), CLOU (10), SPY (9), XHB (9)
  • The most bearish sectors are XLE (9), OIH (7), XLI (6)

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