Futures Markets Trend Zone EOW 01/08/21

I look for pullback trade set-ups in trending markets and one helpful tool I use is my trend map. I follow 37 markets and break down each market into 5 categories:

double green (very bullish)(5)
single green (bullish)(4)
yellow (neutral or sideways)(3)
single red (bearish)(2)
double red (very bearish)(1)

Here is my futures markets Trend Zone as of Friday’s close. There wasn’t much of a shift in the overall market tone as the total bullish markets decreased slightly from 31 to 29. The grain markets are still in parabolic mode and the indexes might be on the same path. Gold and Silver took one on the chin today. It will be interesting to see what happens to those two markets next week. Here’s the breakdown:

Very_Bullish (5)Bullish (4)Neutral (3)Bearish (2)Very_Bearish (1)

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