XLF Support Zone

XLF has had a great run since bottoming out in March of 2020. It has rallied over 112% since that time. Now there’s a large support zone approaching on the daily chart between 39.20 and 37.91 and on the weekly chart between 38.21 and 35.90. These two zones overlap to create a third zone between 38.21 and 37.91. All three present good opportunities to get long this ETF. What’s in these zones? All contain volume profile clusters, change of polarity (old resistance becoming new support), 34 EMA wave, monthly pivots, and Fib symmetry. Now for the trade.

Aggressive entries would be at the top of the zone on the daily chart. Moderate entries would be in the overlapped zones on the daily and weekly charts. Conservative entries would be in the middle of the zone on the weekly chart.

Stay tuned for more details.

Daily Chart
Weekly Chart

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